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Love Stones


Pet Memorials & Garden Stones

of stained glass and concrete —


I have been making stained glass windows and lamps for some time. I started branching out with Love Stones when it was mentioned to me that people were sometimes looking for pet memorials.

One month after this our dog of 14 years died. I related immediately to the desire to mark his grave in a special way. Hence the Love Stones.

Thank you, Tipper, for the inspiration.

Garden stones are appropriate for happier occasions, too, like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, retirement. It's a great gift idea!

Of course I still like doing windows and lamps too…

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Just wanted to tell you that Nancy received her Pet Stone for Max. She just loves it so much! I want to thank you again . . . you do such great work for our hearts!

- Linda, Oklahoma


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